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#1 for AFL coaching drills to use at footy training Senior coaches:
     More AFL drills means more variety at training
     Learn strategic plays
     Rate drills and record notes
Junior coaches
     Step-by-step, easy to understand drills
     Training session generator tool
     Great for new / busy coaches
About the Site
Coach Assist contains a wealth of resources for the afl coaching community. Our library contains loads of afl training drills, stretches and tools to assist coaching your Aussie Rules team. We provide new material throughout each season to keep your aussie rules training sessions fresh and challenging.

AFL Training Drills Database
Coach Assist has a massive library of afl drills and skills for kids and seniors submitted by experienced football professionals. New afl coaching drills are regularly added throughout the season, each with easy-to-follow diagrams and instructions that can be printed and taken to training. Scroll up to view three afl exercises free of charge. Here's a breakdown of the afl drills and skills you'll find on Coach Assist...

  • 150 AFL Drills suitable for Senior - U/16
  • 100 AFL Drills suitable for U/14 - U/12 - U/10 - U/8
  • By Play:
    • Basic skills drills - Skills under pressure - Defensive drills - Contested ball drills - Front and square positioning - Run and carry - Decision making - Forward line delivery - Goalkicking - Stoppages - Gameplan / Strategy - Fun and games
  • By Length:
    • Shortball - Half oval - Full oval

Stretches for AFL Football
Maintain player well-being by selecting from our library of 140 stretches. All have a diagram and explain the stretching movement. Particularly handy for junior coaches who don't have a fitness coach at footy training.

Generate an entire afl training program with a click of the mouse. Enter your preferences and Click-Session goes to work, generating unique afl training programs for your age group, allotted time and oval space. You're presented with a list of logically ordered afl footy drills to fill your allotted time, detailing the purpose, a step-by-step explanation with key points and a detailed diagram. It's printer friendly so you can simply print it and take it to training. Particularly handy for dads or busy coaches who donít have time to research new drills. Running Click-Session a number of times can produce numerous training session alternatives, making training variable and interesting for your players.

Football Diary
Keep a record of your afl training sessions, past and future, in your coaches diary. You can record notes such as absentees, injuries, and drills used. You can also rate drills to help remember whatís worthy of re-use.

Pre-season Training Program
Drawing from the latest methods used by AFL clubs for conditioning in the pre-season, we've presented some great drills and fitness programs to get your players in peak condition. Take a look at our AFL pre-season training program pages here.

Member Testimonials
The following testimonials are 100% genuine, unpaid comments by Coach Assist members via our member survey who have given permission for their comment to be published on the website.

"As a busy business owner it is often difficult to find time to structure a training session. Your website is a great source for that. Most of the drill are interesting, varied, well written and constructed. Our team enjoyed the variation and relevance of the drills and I think it showed in our teams performances during the year."
Peter Wood, Woodend juniors.

"The various drills are very well laid out and easy to implement. I used the drills for every training session and find them easy to very to accomodate for space, numbers and skills level."
Shane Cavanagh, Mitcham Hawks U/14.

"The layout of the skills are easy to follow compared to other skill sheets I have come across."
Craig Mayfield, Hyden/Karlgarin Football Club.

"The site has some great aussie rules training drills that enabled me to improve the basic skills of my players, while keeping training interesting. Drill 219 Longstar, 126 Switch through the centre handball, 101 Spin out of trouble were all good drills that kept an element of fun in training."
John Costa, West Preston Junior FC.

"Great drills covering all aspects of the game."
Simon Edwards, Boulder City FC.

There are more testimonials located in the right margin of this page.
Join AFL Coach Assist in 2012
The site and its content have been an invaluable asset assisting me coach the basics of the game. The kids really took to the drills and the ability to have a training session plan created is great.
Grant Quinn
St Mary's juniors.
I love the ease of finding drills, the quality of the drills, and the way they are categorised. It makes it very easy to provide appropriate drils based on skills, ground size, age etc.
Darren Milne
Camberwell Sharks.
Great website, gave me plenty of assistance throughout last season and will be the first one that I go to for help next season.
Peter Kavanagh
Different ideas from outside influence. Well set-out drills from warm-up to game-based situations.
Troy Leo
Extensive list of afl footy drills from which I print out a handfull to build a training night from. I keep them all in a folder for easy explanation to the kids. Intelligent session generator.
Ashley Dumesny
Altona FC.
Very well explained afl exercises. Easy guide to find the particular area youíre looking to work on. The diary and drill generator were great, especially for 1st year coaches.
Brad Jones
Dianella Morley AFC.
Helpful, productive, informative and useful.
Paul Walsh
Coldstream FC.
It is hard to find a good variety of drills for juniors. I was impressed with the range of drills available and used a large number for the season. Drills were easy to follow and overall I found the site to be extremely helpful.
Roger Blencoe
Great reference site.
Gary Nolan
Knox Falcons.
The graphics are excellent. It caters for all levels of coaches.
Bruce Fraser
East Fremantle.
It became a knowledge base to refer to, to seek ideas or confirm my own thoughts.
Adam Pearson
Glen Iris FC.
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